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Who we are



REALSTAR, is a progressive company that since the nineteen-eighties has obtained a reputation in the manufacture of innovative high quality drycleaning machinery.
Our total dedication to this sector has lead to our company becoming one of the world leaders in production of machinery giving a complete range of solutions for the most demanding drycleaners, leading the field in terms of technology,
manufacturing systems and carefully studied design.
REALSTAR, with its continuous development expertise and thorough research, has achieved a production and testing system that carefully monitors every step of our product’s manufacturing process.
The reason for our success is doubtlessly
REALSTAR use of the highest quality materials and components that combined with state of the art technology to produce machinery which offers maximum reliability and reduced operating costs, with the obvious advantage to our clients.
The manufacture of the component parts is carried out on laser machines for precision cutting and  robots for high technology welding, to ensure guaranteed unparalleled product quality.
REALSTAR offers a complete range of products that satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding users with professional machines that lead the sector’s market from both a technical and an operational point of view, thus making REALSTAR a leader in both the machine performance and environmental protection.
Particular attention is paid to design, in order to highlight our product’s technological evolution, without compromising the distinctive quality that characterises all REALSTAR production.

 Realstar srl  

Via Verde 7/d - 40012 Calderara di Reno (Bologna) Italy

Phone +39/051/722587

Fax   +39/051/723967

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